Aromatherapeutic pasted honey - Tangerine, Vanilla, Tea Tree, Rosa canina - 250 g

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Tea Tree is a popular natural antiseptic agent, acts on yeast infections and inflammation of all kinds. Combined with honey it has positive impact on cellular renewal. Its antibacterial properties are efficient in treating dermatitis, acne (used in masks), hypoimmunity and respiratory problems. Tea Tree oil is one of the few oils that fights against viral and parasitic disease. Used in a bath, it works to combat oily and inflamed skin, supports the healing of injuries and calms inflammation. The honey is suitable for asthmatics, as well as those suffering from sinusitis and influenza. -Tangerine is an essential oil with a tempting fragrance, particularly to children. It supports mental concentration. Its effects are amplified in combination with Lemon. Both oils act as psychostimulants and soothing agents when experiencing nervousness or aches. The main properties of the honey blend are its antiphlogistic effects, allowing the respiratory pathways to relax, soothing of throat problems, rhinitis, controls high blood pressure, indigestion, improper generation of leucocytes and arthrosis. Tangerine is very suitable in case of oily and inflamed skin, as well as rashes and angiopathy. - Vanilla has antidepressive effects, warm lotion with honey before going to bed can effeciently replace all your calming agents and sleeping pills. Cosmetically, vanilla is suitable for any type of skin, including babies‘ skin. -Rose hip extract has an astringent and stimulating effect, also is helpful in treatment of diarrhea and inflammation of respiratory paths.

Usage: Use the honey blend as a natural sweetener or food supplement. For cosmetic purposes use as a component for a face mask. Let dissolve in bath for skin healing processes and relaxing aromatherapeutic effects.

Active ingredients: Pure honey, tea tree (Melaleuca alternifolia), tangerine (Citrus reticulate) , vanilla (Vanilla planifolia) and rose hip (Rosa canina) essential oils.

 INCI: Honey, Citrus Nobilis Oil, Vanilla Planifolia Oil, Rosa Canina Fruit Extr., Melaleuca Alternifolia Oil

Code Code: 008-250
Brand name: Aromedica
Category: Dietary Supplements

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