Celucaps - reduces fat and cellulitis, regenerating effect - 60 caps.

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Celucaps is a food supplement containing similar efficient substances as Celugel. It can be used separately or as a supplement to the Celugel treatment which enhances the efficiency by targeting the entire body system. The two products abound with plant essential oils and extracts with ability to fight the causes and signs of cellulite. Celucaps will be appreciated not only by people with cellulite who want to reduce their body weight, but by everyone who is interested in detoxification. Celucaps controls water distribution in our body, contained ginkgo biloba supports blood circulation, clover improves lympha flow, melilot helps to enhance tissue’s blood supply and detoxification. There also is freshwater weed’s extract to control accumulation of subcutaneous fat, borage oil with many beneficial effects on skin’s appearance. We also added lecithin which should protect you from stress, one of the causes of cellulite and excess body weight. Celucaps activates intestine activity which detoxifies body. Signs of improved nails, hair and skin conditions are noticeable soon. In case the intestine activity is extreme reduce the dosage to one capsule. Do not discontinue using Celucaps. The high intestine activity is a natural reaction of body containing too many toxins.

Usage: Take two capsules per day. When needed the dosage can be reduced to one capsule per day.

Active ingredients: soya, fish, borage and peanut oils, freshwater weed, ginkgo biloba, clover, melilot and champignons extracts, chlorella, lecithin.

Ingredients: soybean oil, peanut oil, Borago Officinalis Oil, cod liver oil, seaweed (Fucus Vesiculosus), Ginkgo Biloba Extr., Melilotus Officinalis Extr., Chlorella Vulgaris, Agaricus Campestris Extr., lecithin, meadow clover extr. (Trifolium Pratense Extr.), gelatin, glycerol, sorbitol, E171, E133, E110, E104.

Code Code: 004-60-BL
Brand name: Aromedica
Category: Cellulite and body forming

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