About us

Inovative company for natural pharmaceutical cosmetics and food supplements


Products from our own production based on our formulas.

Development of tailor made products for a target group with a special price.

Innovation of existing products by updated trends in natural cosmetics and pharmacy.

Complete turnkey contracts in the ISO and GMP quality.

Thanks to outsourcing we are not limited neither in technology nor in capacity. Relations with the suppliers are long-lasting and stable.


History and references

Aromedica has operated since the 1990.

The owner Pavel Jurič has been concerned with the question of the natural products for 36 years and he is a patentee of five registered patents.

We have been selling in chain stores Sony Plaza in Japan and Hypernova in Czech Republic.

Specialties of our products - or else how we do it

We seek to prepare our products with the best care and respect to the traditional findings on the field of phytotherapy and aromatherapy. This step is connected - very often in advance – with the results of the recent research on the field of the raw active and auxiliary substances.

Water: We do not aspire to do more from a natural water, but we use - for the production - mineral water known as Il Sano (“cheers”), the source of which is the only spring in Chodová Planá (South-west Bohemia). The water is rich of diatomic iron; the most useful form for a biological utilization.

Plant (vegetable) oil: The oils present a part of every preparation in such amount, which responds with the purpose of the preparation. The quality is usually called “virgin” or “cold pressed”. Some of them, for example Evening Primrose or Borage oils, are obtained by a supercritical extraction in carbon dioxide for to keep of maximum of the active ingredients sensitive to heat and oxygen. Some of the oils, for example the oil of wheat germs, Camelina sativa or the oil of pine seeds, are declared as “bio”. All the oils are treated by a natural vitamin E (tocopherol) immediately after the delivery. Our suppliers are informed that we persist on the precise date of production, to know the safe durability of every raw material.

Essential oils: We take into consideration, that the essentials oil must not be blended from essential oils originated in different areas or blended with synthetic or naturally identical substances, rectified or modified by any other process. We make orders in the original producers all over the world for the get the original quality, good price and really pure natural product. The other suppliers respect our requirement for so called “aromatherapy” quality. As well as the plant oils, also the essential oils have to be utilized during the best durability term; which is necessary especially in the case of the cold pressed citrus oils. Therefore all our suppliers are diffused all over the world by the best availability of the high-quality and pure product with the best price. The essential oils are the main active ingredient in our preparations, so they are not only for to “improve” the INCI on the labels, but presents a significant part of their price. We never work with the only essential oil, but the oils are composed in a synergic combination by the principles of the aromatherapy. This fact is the basic for the affectivity and safety of every product.

Plant extracts: We use more than 30 different plant extracts – including fungi – in our products. They are obtain by extraction in carbon dioxide very often and than when - they are dried - usually are modified by micronization also. They have significantly enhanced surface and by this way they work more effectively, as well. The extracts never are the only active ingredient – as the common practice in the “natural” products is – but present an essential part of the complex of the active ingredients and therefore the products show “various coloring”. If some product is declared as natural - with a high content of the plant extracts - and the color is white, than the amount of the active ingredients is probably very low and therefore ineffective.

Dead Sea Salt: The substance is significant from our point of view, but in our formulas auxiliary more or less. So you can find it almost in all the products containing water. The mineral abundance and prophylactic qualities are known generally.

Fructose: Fructose (fruit sugar) is a natural source of immediate energy, which can easily be metabolized by the cells. The presence of this substance in every product containing water causes the immediate saturation of the cells and supports the clearing process. So the detoxication and oxidization is improved. The skin shows immediately signs of regeneration and the products bring quick and significant anti-aging affect – the skin is elastic and diminutive wrinkles are stretched out. It protects against desiccation and early aging of the skin.

Preservation: Some of the active ingredients work as a preservative agent as well; for example essential oils, salt, apple vinegar, mineral water and other. Recently, the trend of usage of the natural preservation goes on, so we can buy the purely natural preservative agents; sometime we prepare our special blends of the essential oils for this purpose. Therefore the generally used synthetic preservation we use less and the concentration is very low. The oily products contain no preservation.

Existing production

Oily preparations for home and professional care about the skin.

Emulsions on base O/W and W/O for home and professional care about the skin.

Special preparations for different health problems.

Preparations on the base of mineral water and floral waters.

Dragee containing natural active ingredients and no sugar - „Bonne Santé“.

„Aromahoney“ – blend of bees honey in bio quality with essential oils and extracts – for food and cosmetic purposes.

Herbal soft and hard capsules for different intentions in the supplementary nutrition.

News under development

Special dental preparations for to inhibit pathogenic bacteria inflicting caries and gingivitis Patches with a blend of active ingredients for detoxication, support of metabolism and suppression of pains.

Hard capsules with active ingredients for a number of health problems and for supporting of the healthy life style.

Other types of the "Bonne Santé“ tablets and „Aromahoney“.

Special preparations for sun care in Asia and for people with a low sun tolerance.

Preparation for lightening of the skin and elimination of pigment scares.